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Key Advantages FOR BUYERS

  • Australia-wide search and targeted comparison for buyers
  • Commission rebate system to help with costs of purchasing
  • Detailed property analysis to help purchasers make the best decision
  • Healthy referral commissions (friends, family, clubs, charities etc)

Key advantages FOR SELLERS

  • Unites sellers with Australian and international buyers on a mass scale
  • Free for sellers to list and advertise
  • Ability to set personal commission levels
  • Commission payment upon sale (not in advance)
  • Six-level referral program to drive and extend sales


  • Six-level referral program to drive and extend sales.Create your referral network through friends, family and associates. And if they buy through ReValu8™ (or refer someone), you are both rewarded.This sopports a more ethical distribution of commission funds.

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Buying Property

All buyers (First Home Buyers, Investors, Owner Occupiers) can get huge incentives from the $10 Billion spent on real estate agents commission and advertising

Selling Property

Promote your property through every agent in your suburb, state and nationally, with no upfront or ongoing costs and only pay on settlement

ReValu8™ Investment Property

Compare any investment property from any agent and see if it is the best property for you using the 8 FREE ReValu8™ Investment Fundamentals

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Buying a property?

ReValu8™ puts you in the driver’s seat. Sellers have the ability to redirect some of the commission they would normally have to pay to sell and promote their properties back to you, the buyer. That’s right – the seller can offer you the equivalent of a cash incentive to purchase their property, helping you reach or improve your deposit amount. Better yet, ReValu8™ gives you the ability to analyse, compare and rank any property online, so you can quickly and easily see the properties that meet your needs and the incentives that are offered.

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Selling a property?

ReValu8™ caps the commission that the selling agents and marketing partners are eligible to earn on the sale, giving you control on how you use the savings. Keep it for yourself or use it to find and attract the right buyer to help facilitate a faster sale. Finally, you have the power over the sale of your property.

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Property Developer?

Take back control of the commission you pay to marketing agents and communicate directly with your potential buyers, offering them benefits that actually matter to them. Use ReValu8™’s unique ranking system to get your development right in front of the eyes of potential buyers, and showcase a range of incentives that really can sweeten the deal and get your properties sold.

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Customer Opinion

Having been in the property and real estate industry for over 20 years, I recognise that ReValu8™ is an industry disrupter. It will be to real estate, what Uber was to transport, what Air BnB was the to the accommodation industry, what Facebook was to the media landscape. It’s time to do things differently. I’m proud to be associated with this platform and think it brings a welcome change to the industry. If you have any questions about ReValu8™ or would like to discuss listing or buying a property, feel free to make contact.

Kind Regards,

Christine Hayes-Brown

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